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episode 223: 223 - Married With Towelites


Casey and Chris knew that they were stuck in a warped reality of a TV sitcom that never ends. Their devious host knew what would deliver the most effective torture upon your heroes. Good thing they had the chance to record this podcast earlier in the day!

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RIP -  Fred Ward, Vangelis, Colin Cantwell & Ray Liotta


Marvel - TV, Movies & Games

  • MODOK cxl 
  • Echo first look
  • Daredevil Disney +
  • LA Captain Carter?
  • She-Hulk

DC - TV, Movies & Games 

  • Black Adam trailer 6/8
  • Leslie Jones as Plastic Woman
  • CW - Seth Green joins Stargirl, Naomi cxl, GK picked up

SW - TV, Movies & Games

  • It's a Celebration!
  • Andor 8/31
  • Mando S3/Ahsoka 2023
  • Skeleton Crew
  • LEGO Summer Vacation special 8/5
  • Tales of the Jedi
  • Visions V2 spring 2023
  • Young Jedi Adventures
  • Bad Batch 2 trailer
  • Jedi: Survivor Next Gen 
  • Yoda Marvel series & more



  • DC- Human Target Black Label one-shot
  • Marvel - New Alien series
  • D&D Ravenloft Orphan of Agony


  • DIE
  • Lunation
  • Haslab Reva Lightsaber

Netflix Get Geeked 


  • Willow trailer
  • Netflix
    • Resident Evil
    • Umbrella Academy S3
    • HZD 
  • New Doctor Who
  • Amazon
    • Boys Spinoff recast
    • The Boys S3 trailer
    • Paper Girls
    • Nicole Kassell to direct She-Ra
  • CW 
    • The Winchesters
  • Devon Sawa back for Chucky
  • Married with Children animated
  • True Detective Night Country starring Jodie Foster 
  • Twisted Metal adds Thomas Hayden Church & Neve Campbell


  • Indy 5 first look
  • Dan Stevens to Star in Kong v Godzilla 2 
  • Dune p2
    • Christopher Walken cast as Emperor
    • Austin Butler as Fehd Raytha
  • Prey teaser
  • Alan Ritchson joins FX
  • Riddick first looks
  • League of Extraordinary Gentleman Hulu
  • The Thing returns to theaters 
  • Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Trailer


  • The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth
  • Ff7 ever crisis


  • Black Series reveals Inquisitors
  • LEGO 
    • BD 1 & SW sets
    • Pyramid 
    • Optimus
  • S7 Thundercats LJN throwbacks
  • MF 7" Page Punchers
  • NECA 
    • TMNT Invisible Man Donatello
    • TMNT Pre-Mutation box set SDCC
    • SDCC D&D
    • The Thing poster 
  • TMNT v SF 2 packs
  • ML Mojoworld box set




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 2022-05-31  1h16m