Love and Radio

Nick van der Kolk's Love and Radio features in-depth, otherworldly-produced interviews with an eclectic range of subjects, from the seedy to the sublime. Get inside the mind of a rogue taxidermist. Find out what it's like to experience a stroke firsthand. Or spend time with an artist who gives away her life savings every night. You've never heard anything like it before. This show is moving to Luminary! For more, go to


Flip Yr Sh!t

Stories about anger. Adam Allington (edited by producer Kerry Seed) hates Tim Hortons. Julian James gets in deep shit with the vice principal. Adrianne learns how to swear in middle school. Shig the Unmentionable tells us to PUT THAT DOWN. Ben Popik of Olde English gets a coworker of his fired. Lev and his girlfriend try to rent a movie and enter a swirling emotional maelstrom of relationship doom. Lev’s story is from his excellent online comic Tales of Mere Existence. Check out the original version of Conversation at his website, ( along with the pretty drawrings that go along with it, and other stories that are sure to depress the shit out of you (in a good way).


 2005-12-11  30m