Knitmoregirls's Podcast

Gigi and Jasmin co-host a knitting podcast featuring regular segments such as "On the needles", "Mother Knows Best", and "When Knitting Attacks!"


episode 677: Genevievesicle- Episode 677-The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles: (0:39)

  • Genevieve finished her Liza Souza BFL hat in “Spruce”
  • Gigi: one of Andrew’s socks:bound off, second one started 
  • Jasmin picked up a cashmere/cashmere silk hat with beads out of the UFO bin (ancient yarn) . She likes the Fleegle beader.
  • Gigi :the Elton cardigan,, super wash merino, from Neighborhood Fiber Co. did right front shoulder ,
  • Genevieve wound Onyx Fiber Arts DK “Burst”
  • Jasmin finished the Humo Amargo cardigan in Onyx Fiber Arts DK “Burst” (reduction of Therbligs in the attached icord)
  • Gigi tube socks: Always Be Kind Yarn, Inclusive Pride Stripes, with a yellow mini skein for Genevieve   First one bound off. Thigh high, second one started 
  • Genevieve worked on a pink preemie hat
  • Jasmine finished the Autumn Vines beret in Codex by cephalopod Yarns
  • Genevieve started another hat out of Liza Souza, BFL, “Spruce” (Made in same yarn as previous BFL hat)
  • Jasmin is progressing on her crocheted the XY scarf in the 19th Amendment kit from Lady Dye Yarns.
  • Jasmin wound a ball of Magpie Fibers Nest Worsted "Twilight Dark for Sam's Gramps cardigan by Tincan Knits


In Stitches:(17:44)

Gigi :wearing Jasmin’s a line skirt   Halloween quilt, old skirt

Genevieve wore her Coronation Cardigan 



  • Jasmin & Diane from Lady Dye are co-hosting a KAL! The Sea Glass Pullover (in DK). Pushed back to June 20
  • Stash Dash has started! May 27 - End of August
  • STITCHES SoCal in Pasadena!
  • Rhinebeck ! (Hopefully.)


Mother Knows Best:(25:11)

Use whatever you need to keep track. (i-cord, stitch markers) light bulb shaped stitch markers

Life lines , thread markers, Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton


When Knitting Attacks:(29:55)

Stitch marker hubris on hat


Review ;(32:10)

Embody by Jacqueline Cieslak


Knits in Space:(48:43)

Gilded Age : New Money Old Rules: The Gilded Age podcast 


Book :

The Fabric of civilization ; How textiles made the world , By Virginia Postrel

Silk protein was found in graves 8500 yrs ago

Earliest fabric found dates back to 5500 yrs

Silk worms were bred to human purposes and became depended on people 


And Sew On :(49:49)

Pdf pattern.

8646:Vogue dress  Progress. Threading Serger 

Jasmin wants to adjust the dropped crotches on a couple of her rompers


 2022-06-15  57m