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What a Hell of a Way to Die is a left-wing military and veteran podcast hosted by Nate and Francis, two extremely online combat veterans. Join us to hear discussion of veterans issues, defense news, and military culture — all from a lefty perspective.



Stay Humble (When Stealing from the Army)

DadChat ends at 24:09!

This week, Nate and Francis discuss a recent story about a Chief Warrant Officer 3 in a Special Forces support unit who got hemmed up for selling millions of dollars of government property to civilians. We discuss the ways in which we’ve experienced defrauding the military, and how to avoid capture if you’re up for a good, potential-criminally-indictable scam.

Read the whole story here: https://taskandpurpose.com/news/army-couple-steals-government-funds-sword-weapons-parts/

For this week's bonus, it's a very dark third episode of the Catch-22 series as reviewed by Francis, Joe, and Carey. It’s somewhat like the book, somewhat different, and far more depressing than we’d expected. Hope you enjoy! Get it on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/zoo-crew-reviews-67722892


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 2022-06-16  1h4m