Hip-Hop Hidden Gems

Hip-Hop Hidden Gems is all about celebrating the music that has shaped a generation (or two). The show, hosted by TheMoJoKing & Willie Freeman (AKA Vision) will focus on the artforms undervalued and underappreciated. Each episode will be dedicated to a song that didn't receive it's proper shine upon its initial release. Mo and Willie will revisit each track, and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. They also will provide interesting tidbits of information about the songs and the artists behind the music. For hardcore hip-hop fans HHHG will provide a sense of nastalgia.For more modest fans HHHG may be a chance to learn something new.But for all hip hop fans HHHG will be a celebration. Come party with us.*HHHG will now be created in seasons, so each artist can be given the deep dive that their talent deserves.




Welcome to the Hip-Hop Hidden Gems tribute to all the dads out there. In this Father’s Day special Willie and Mo talk about some of their favorite celebrations of the father/child relationship in hip-hop. Included in this episode: Jay-Z, Nas, The Game, DMX, Juelz Santana, Will Smith & Shaquille O’Neal.
Then the hosts focus on two of their favorite songs about fatherhood ever produced in hip-hop:
“The Foundation” by Xzibit & “Father’s Day” by Chino XL.
Finally Willie & Mo turn their attention to the next generation, the kids of the art form:
Wu Tang, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, E-40, Big Pun & Ras Kass have all sired some talented children.
Come celebrate with us.
Happy Father’s Day.

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 June 19, 2022  32m