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The India Energy Hour podcast features in-depth conversations with leading energy, development and climate experts from academia, civil society, and the government. Through these interviews, we explore Indian energy transitions’ most pressing hurdles and promising opportunities. We look at the role that government, financial markets, social movements, and science plays in transition. Over time, we will examine energy issues in other Global South countries as well. The podcast is co-hosted by Shreya Jai, a leading energy and climate change reporter, and Sandeep Pai, an energy transitions researcher, and author. The show is produced by Tejas Dayananda Sagar, a multimedia journalist with 101Reporters.


episode 19: Episode 19 - Climate Resilience: Role of Water-Energy-Food Nexus

In the history of the global climate change conferences, it was in the recent COP26 that for the first time there was a separate Water pavilion. Water economy management has faced negligence on the climate discussion table till yet but it is time that water is given the centerstage. Water forms the key bridge in the energy-food supply chain. Water resource management will be crucial to the energy transition planning of India – where till two years back, there was no separate department to focus on water scarcity.

In this episode, we are joined by Dr Aditi Mukherji, principal researcher, International Water Management Institute. We will discuss the water-energy-food nexus, how clean energy and water conservation go hand in hand and the role water will play in climate adaptation. Dr Mukherji has close to two decades of experience working in the water resource management space. She is considered an authority on groundwater governance, energy-irrigation nexus and community management of water resources.

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 2022-01-19  57m