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episode 136: Alex’s Big Summer Adventure: IAMsterdam ????

Welcome to Dream Away Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids

As a reminder. Alex received a clue that his big summer adventure will begin in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in Europe... Alex also received an unknown delivery to his house from Amsterdam and his mom wants him home 

Alex rushes home. PizzaPizza greets him cheerfully as he walks into the kitchen where his mom is just talking to her clients when she cuts the conversation shop and looks at Alex and says: Did I not tell you no more online shopping?

But I didn't Alex says… really? Mom replies… then what is this?

As she places a big bright orange box on the table. This big bright orange box is indeed addressed to Alex and it is shipped from Amsterdam…
But what can this be? And most importantly who could this be from?

Mom, I promise, I have no idea what this is and from who this is! Alex says

Well then, let’s open it and see what is inside.

The box is taped shut very well and Alex has to very very carefully use something sharp to open the top of the box.

Ok, it is open now, let's have a look inside, he says to his mom … 

Alex carefully opens the lid from the big orange box and inside he finds 2 tickets that just read: Tickets and inside he finds a tshirt that is completely orange

When at that exact moment the doorbell rings

Alex runs to the door and finds an orange bike,  with a note on the basket that sits in front that says… just follow the sun!

Mooom, I think my summer adventure begins! 

Alex hops on the bike, pizzapizza jumps onto the front basket and off they go… 
following the sun is easy.. the sun is always there… well ok, maybe not at nighttime but during the daytime it is
So alex follows the sun and that takes him out of his home town. In the far distance he can see chocolate mountain but the sun is in the complete other direction so he waves chocolate maintain goodbye till after about a 20 minute bikeride he sees a big big sign that reads: Welcome to the Alex Airport….

Alex Airport?  And Alex decides to follow the sign and finds himself at the smaller airport he has ever been: 1 Airplane and 1 runway… thats it

He parks his bright orange bike, pizza pizza jumps out and Alex decides to walk to the airplane when the door opens and Pilot Smiggles jumps out:

You must be Alex, he says.. I have been waiting for you

You have? Yes! My name is Pilot Smiggles, I have flown across the world and with me is: Planey.. as he points to the small airplane…

Today, I will be flying you to… euhm let me check, as Pilot Smiggles pulls out a huge map of the world…. aaah yes, Amsterdam in The Netherlands….

That is amazing, Alex says, I have never been to Amsterdam, how long is the flight? Well, Pilot Smiggles says.. if planey can make it in one go then 7 hours…

And what is planey cant? Well then, then we have to make a stop somewhere…

Are you ready to fly: Pilot Smiggles says… Yes!!! Alex says…And as Alex wants to hop aboard the airplane Pilot Smiggles says…your tickets please..

Tickets? Alex says as he looks to pizzapizza…. oooh wait! Alex pulls out the 2 tickets that where in the bright orange box from Amsterdam and he hands them over to Pilot Smiggles..

Perfect, welcome aboard!

Planey the airplane is very small. There is maybe space for 4 people, there is no flight attendant. It is just Pilot Smiggles, Alex and Pizzapizza…

Fasten your seatbelt please, pilot smiggles says as he takes off and Alex looks outside the window where the world gets smaller and smaller and smaller until they are high into the clouds!

I feel tired, Alex says to pizzapizza as he closes his eyes, just for a second but those seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours…. when Alex wakes up and Pilot Smiggles is preparing for landing!

Goood morning Pilot says… how long did I sleep? Well the entire flight but thats a good thing because we are about to land in Amsterdam and you will need all the energy you have.
Planey Flight 001, you are clear to land, welcome to Amsterdam - the radio says and Pilot smiggles safely lands the airplane on the ground

Wow this airport is huge, Alex thinks to himself. How do I even make my way to the royal palace? Alex says goodbye to Pilot smiggles and walks out of the airport where he is met by a HUUUUGE sign.. that reads I Amsterdam….
its a red and white sign, its the biggest letters he has ever seen. The letters are over 2 meters or 6.5 feet tall…. Amsterdam… where is your royal palace… Alex thinks to himself, I must find the royal palace…when suddenly Alex feels a tap on his shoulder, he turns around and there are 2 people. They must be the exact same age and they introduce themselves as: Robin and Femke…

Alex, welcome to Amsterdam - Robin says. We are Robin and Femke, we are living in Amsterdam and we will take you to the royal palace..

Are you ready to go? Femke says… lets do itttttttttt

❤️ - Mike

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