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episode 823: Mac and Cheez - CAPTCHAs, Web Apps, Clarus

CAPTCHAs, Web Apps, Clarus

  •  Senators call for US to adopt common charger.
  •  Apple workers at Maryland store vote to unionize, a first in the U.S.
  •  Biden says he is proud of Apple workers who voted to join a union.
  •  You'll be able to bypass CAPTCHAs in iOS 16.
  •  Stage Manager's iPad requirements.
  •  Former Apple engineer details why the first iPhone didn't have copy and paste.
  •  New M2 13-inch MacBook Pro available to order. Starts arriving 6.24.
  •  Microsoft Defender extends malware protection to macOS and Android—for a price.
  •  Apple's relationship with web apps will improve in 2023.
  •  Hidden anti-cryptography provisions in internet anti-trust bills.
  •  Apple's macOS Ventura | 7 New Security Changes to Be Aware Of.
  •  How I learned to stop caring about Diablo Immortal's pay-to-win mechanics.
  •  Apple's first dual-port USB-C power adapters now available to order.
  •  MacOS Ventura dev beta brings back Clarus the Dogcow.

Picks of the Week

  •  Leo's Pick: Aranet4
  •  Rene's Pick: Night of the Coconut
  •  Andy's Pick: Google Scanned Objects Dataset (1000+ sdf objects)
  •  Alex's Pick: HidrateSpark

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 2022-06-21  2h22m