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episode 3: Beginner Lab Environments For Learning Kubernetes

Today’s Kubernetes Unpacked podcast explores entry-level lab environments for IT professionals interested in learning Kubernetes, including suggestions for simple container-based apps you can run to get familiar with Kubernetes essentials. My guest is Phil Afable, a software engineer at Sophos who manages a Kubernetes cluster running Jenkins. We also explore the operational benefits of using Kubernetes in production.
We discuss:

* The benefits of running apps in containers
* Moving from manual processes to code-driven operations
* Learning Kubernetes with tools such as Docker Desktop or Minikube
* Using cloud-based hosts for Kubernetes learning
* Why you don’t need to be a  Terraform guru to launch clusters
* Suggestions for simple container-based apps to understand Kubernetes
* More

Show Links:
Docker Desktop – Docker
Minikube – minikube
Your Host:
Michael Levan brings his background in system administration, software development, and DevOps to this podcast. He has Kubernetes experience as both a developer and infrastructure engineer. He’s also a consultant and Pluralsight author. You can also see his free instructional videos on YouTube.


 2022-06-23  27m