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episode 137: Alex’s Big Summer Adventure: The Princess Needs Help ????????

Welcome To Dream Away Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids

As a reminder. Alex and PizzaPizza have made it to Amsterdam. They now need to find their way to the royal palace and they met Robin and Femke who live in Amsterdam who will take them there…

Lets hope on the bike, Robin says! Great Idea Femke says .. because in The Netherlands everyone just bikes everywhere. In fact did you know that there is over 37 000 KM or almost 23 000 miles of bike path in The Netherlands…. thats the same as biking between Los Angeles and New York… 10 times! Everyone in Amsterdam and The Netherlands bikes everywhere…

So Alex hops on the bike and follows Robin and Femke. Because its summer it is very busy outside. People from all over going all sorts of places and the closer they get to the city center the busier it gets…

Just follow me, Femke yells as she leads the way straight into the city center where the signs to the royal palace are clearly marked.

About 5 minutes later Robin signals they will be turning left and that the palace is just 2 minutes away…. and so 2 minutes later they turn around the corner and in front of them is a huge huge square. The square is filled with people from all over the world. People from America, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Italy… so many people are on this square but why?

Well at the end of the square sits the Royal Palace. A real real palace used by a real king and queen. The King, King Willem Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima use this palace for very official events and sometimes they even bring their 3 daughters… the 3 princesses…

And guess what… it looks like the King, Queen and the 3 princesses are at the royal palace right now and that's why there is such a huge crowd of people as everyone is trying to get a glimpse of the Dutch royal family.

Question: Have you ever seen a real life King, Queen or Princess?
Oh wow, we made it to the royal palace Alex says to PizzaPizza. I wonder what now? Remember? The clue that Alex got just said that he would have to make his way to the royal palace and that then his adventure would begin!

So Alex says goodbye to his new Dutch friends Robin and Femke and starts exploring the square in front of the palace when from outside the palace a door opens and a super super strong security guard comes out.

Alex, I am looking for an Alex, Whom of you is called Alex? Alex turns around… did someone mention his name? Im Alex, I’m Alex he says..
If your Alex, the big strong security guard says.. then come with me. The princess wants to see you…

And so Alex and PizzaPizza follow the security guard inside the Royal Palace. And the royal palace from the inside is a hugely grand place. In fact if you want to see what the palace looks like you can just ask any grown up to google the royal palace in Amsterdam for you, then you can see where Alex is
Alex follows the guard into a hallway that has many doors that lead to more hallways .. the royal palace seems like a maze. When suddenly they enter into a hallway that is completely pink and there are 3 doors. A green door, A blue Door and a Red door

Alex, chose a door - the guard say: I choose Green….

Enter the green door, the guard says. Take a seat and the princess will be with you.

Alex opens the door and inside is a room that is completely green. And when I say completely green I mean everything is green. Green floor, green wall, Great tables and chairs, green softs and even the TV is playing a video that is all about being green

On the green table there is a HUGE bowl filled with green M/Ms and green skittles… it is green room madness… everything is green.

Alex, Welcome to the royal palace, welcome to the green room. You have chosen well. - A voice says when Alex turns around and in front of him stands one of the 3 princesses wearing a great dress: My name is Princess Amalia, the future Queen of this country and I have send for you as I need your help

In a week's time I have to attend a dance with all of my friends who are the future kings and queens around the world. You can understand how incredibly important this event will be. And I was planning on wearing a very special necklace with features a red diamond. And a unicorn diamond is one of the rarest diamonds in the world…

BUT as I was checking the vault it turns out someone has taken this unicorn diamond necklace without my permission and I need you to track down where they are and return this necklace to me before my event which will take place in 7 days…

Oh wow, Alex says… Princess Amalia, would you have any clue as to who might have taken your diamond?

Well, the princess responds… inside the fault we found 2 things: A pink feather and a half eaten piece of Cheesecake and thus I believe it was my jealous cousin who is known to love cheesecake and always wears pink… but be careful. She lives in a bright pink castle but the castle is well protected starting with a lake of rainbow alligators…

Rainbow alligators? Alex says… yes be careful and you must make your way now …. as Princess Amalia opens the door from the greenroom and Alex and Pizzapizza run out… on a mission to find a pink castle with a lake of rainbow alligators…

❤️ - Mike

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