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episode 84: Blair Tuke: Epic ocean stories

Blair Tuke is one of New Zealand’s most successful and best sportsmen. He’s won an Olympic gold medal and two silvers, two America’s Cup titles, six 49er World Championships and with teammate Peter Burling, was named NZ sports team of the year in 2017. 
In this episode we talk about his dubious hole-in-one on a par four in Arrowtown, why Tana Umaga, Christian Cullen and Dom Harvey stayed at his house when he was 10, the brutal realities of the round-the-world Ocean race - working four hours on four hours off for 23 days - how and why he won 28 regattas in a row in the 49er with Pete, the best stories from the Olympics, the journey to the top of Team NZ, his marital status, and so much more. 

This was a really cool one. We'd never met Blair before this, but he came bouncing into the studios with the most upbeat, positive, fun attitude, and really gave us everything with his thoughtful answers and willingness to share. It was one of those chats where the time just flew by. 
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Show notes | Episode 84 | Blair Tuke

1.45: The Bermuda Triangle, quicksand, and spontaneous human combustion

4.40: When Christian Cullen, Tana Umaga, and Dom Harvey turned up for the Christmas Holidays

9.03: A hole in one on a par four in Arrowtown

12.54: The Ocean Race – a deep dive into sailing’s greatest round-the-world challenge

30.51: Establishing the Live Ocean Foundation

36.15: The open ocean and the risks involved: the loss of John Fisher in the Southern Ocean

41.20: Life on board: paying respects to King Neptune

45.02: The dramatic finish of The Ocean Race in 2018

50.28: Seamus’ series of curious questions on The Ocean Race

56.33: Falling in love with the ocean on a trip to Fiji and moving through the sailing ranks

1.00.49: Linking up with Peter Burling and the first Olympic Games experience in London

1.09.24: The remarkable run between London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016

1.17.26: Carrying the flag and winning Gold at Rio

1.21.05: Silver at Tokyo

1.26.49: The America’s Cup: memories of past campaigns and getting the call-up

1.30.57: Winning in Bermuda and defending in New Zealand

1.37.31: The popularity of the America’s Cup

1.44.06 The ins and outs of Sail GP

1.50.11 What the future holds for Blair Tuke

1.54.31 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Blair

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 2022-06-05  1h52m