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episode 2: The Way of the Desert - Haunting in Nevada

Nevada may be home to the bright lights of Las Vegas, but outside the relative safety of the city stretches an expanse of desert with more darkness than light, and that desert has a way all its own.  From a furious doppelganger mom who visits in the night to the darkness that finds you, and so much more, on this episode Brennan and Paul learn that what happens in the desert, can follow you home. Also on this episode: Brennan pretends to know what a chupacabra is, the story of the the ass-biting camel, and a brief PSA about mental health.

Music on This Episode:

Main Theme:     "Radio (Into the Darkness We Go)" by Podzontommusic
Stories Theme:  "The Future Belongs to Them Now" by Hexxagram
Bumpers:  "Coyote" by Wilsohn
Patron Theme: "8 Bit" by Josef Falkonskold

"Radio" and "The Future Belongs to Them Now" are used with permission, all other music and sound FX are licensed via Epidemic Sound.

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 2021-01-26  1h27m