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Pregnancy Episode 4. : Postpartum

Topics covered : The physical, mental and emotional impact of childbirth, hormones, baby blues, post-natal depression, intrusive thoughts, pelvic floor, anxiety/shame/guilt, some hospital bag essentials, body changes, hair loss, placenta encapsulation, sleep, breastfeeding/ bottle feeding/ combination feeding, new-born baby tips, SIDS.

This is the fourth and final episode in my pregnancy miniseries and it’s all about postpartum.

My guest is parenting and baby expert Claire Thompson who goes by the Instagram handle ‘The Newborn Nanny’ and she is a wealth of knowledge.

She lives in Wicklow with her husband Ben and their four kids

(Evie, Emmy, Georgie and Harry) and in this

conversation we delve into the often-unspoken world of postpartum as she takes

us from the moment your baby is born to the hours, days, weeks and months that

follow. And she gives tons of practical advice that I think will really help you

navigate those early days.

You’ll find Claire on Instagram…

Tips/things to watch out for

*none of the products/brands mentioned are sponsored/paid for

Pack a small plastic jug in your hospital bag

(the why is explained in the episode!)

Drink plenty of water/fluids

Eat plenty of fibre

Product mentioned : ‘Fybogel’ Natural Fibre Drink

Bleeding : Wear dark clothing, use dark sheets, have plenty of maternity pads at the ready.

Limit visitors – be prepared to say no thanks!

Placenta encapsulation

Cork based company that offer a professional placenta encapsulation service nationwide…

Dr. Harvey Karp’s 5 S’s

Muslin cloths

C shaped pregnancy/baby pillows

Baby carriers/slings

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 2021-09-24  1h8m