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episode 76: Building Muscle with Resistance Exercise and Reassessing Protein Intake | Stuart Phillips, PhD

Stuart Phillips, PhD, is a professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where he also serves as the director of the Physical Activity Centre of Excellence. His research centers on the roles exercise and nutrition play in influencing human skeletal muscle protein turnover and how these lifestyle factors influence body composition, especially as we age.

In this episode, we discuss:

00:07:16 - Why muscle is important for longevity
00:14:34 - Is the importance of muscle mass (per se) overstated?
00:16:48 - Is the RDA on protein too low?
00:19:03 - Minimum vs. optimal protein intake (for athletes)
00:19:29 - Why older adults need more protein
00:24:52 - Caloric restriction vs. higher protein for aging
00:28:04 - What is a catabolic crisis?
00:29:40 - Effects of space flight on muscle
00:36:16 - Practical tips for protein intake
00:39:34 - Protein timing and the anabolic window
00:41:27 - Most important factors for hypertrophy
00:43:57 - Should we supplement leucine?
00:45:46 - Does plant protein support hypertrophy?
00:56:30 - Causes of anabolic resistance
00:58:22 - What types of exercise and how much?
01:06:56 - Protein and rest as tools for recovery
01:08:14 - Mechanisms of muscle protein synthesis and breakdown
01:08:31 - Does rapamycin inhibit hypertrophy?
01:13:07 - What is Dr. Phillips doing to age well?
01:15:25 - Hormonal responses to exercise
01:17:09 - Sex differences in hypertrophy
01:19:38 - Effect of menopause on muscle
01:20:03 - Do testosterone boosters work?
01:21:56 - Does growth hormone improve muscle?
01:26:30 - Androgen replacement therapy (benefits vs. drawbacks)
01:31:17 - Mental health benefits of exercise
01:31:54 - Anti-catabolic effects of heat
01:38:19 - Molecular causes of sarcopenia
01:42:35 - Anti-catabolic effects of omega-3
01:48:57 - Brain and muscle effects of creatine

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 2022-06-29  1h56m