The India Energy Hour

The India Energy Hour podcast features in-depth conversations with leading energy, development and climate experts from academia, civil society, and the government. Through these interviews, we explore Indian energy transitions’ most pressing hurdles and promising opportunities. We look at the role that government, financial markets, social movements, and science plays in transition. Over time, we will examine energy issues in other Global South countries as well. The podcast is co-hosted by Shreya Jai, a leading energy and climate change reporter, and Sandeep Pai, an energy transitions researcher, and author. The show is produced by Tejas Dayananda Sagar, a multimedia journalist with 101Reporters.


episode 27: Episode 27 - Green Energy & Ecology: Land, Farmers & an Endangered Bird

India's renewable energy sector is facing an unusual dilemma - on one side are the ambitious targets set out by the government and on the other are problems and issues that come with rampant growth and increase in size of the industry.

One such issue is the GIB or Great Indian Bustard case in Rajasthan and Gujarat where 20 GW of solar and wind power projects face an uncertain future. Planned in the breeding areas of GIB, an endangered bird, green energy and ecology are in direct conflict.

Subrahmanyam Pulipaka is leading the fight from the end of the industry. He is CEO of National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI), a non profit, non government representative body of the solar sector in the country. Having dabbled both research and project development career paths, Subrahmanyam is looking at ways and means for both energy and ecology to co-exist.


0:00 - Podcast intro

1:56 - About Subrahmanyam Pulipaka and what it is to be in policy advocacy.

14:19 - Land and ecology issues being faced by the renewable energy sector.

18:57 - Genesis of the Great Indian Bustard (GIB) controversy and the repercussions.

28:19 - Importance of the GIB native land in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

34:44 - Cost implications due to the GIB matter.

36:58 - Need of Environmental Impact Assessment for green energy projects.

43:33 - Bearing the additional cost for saving the ecology - how receptive is the industry and locals?

48:34 - Where is the land then for 500 GW dream target?

57:30 - How do the investors look at these problems?

1:02:47 - Key policy changes required to change the face of this sector.

1:09:22 - Podcast outro


 2022-06-30  1h9m