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One Rep at a Time by cultfit is a podcast hosted by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka Chuck. In this show, join Chuck on his quest to build a fitness habit for life - from eating right, working out consistently to destressing and building a healthy sleep routine. He'll take you through some basics, break down myths, and candidly share what worked and didn't work for him. Tune in for insightful conversations with experts, coaches, nutritionists, and just regular folks who managed to transform themselves. Over a week, there will be 4 bite-sized episodes that are like a nice little HIIT - 5-10 minutes long. And once a week, a longer episode - which could be an in-depth interview, or a panel discussion, or an AMA. All with crisp, actionable tips to take away from to help you on your unique health & fitness journey, whether it is losing weight, overcoming hormonal imbalances, eating right or building a workout routine. Click here to consult with expert coaches at cultfit: About cultfit: cultfit is a health and fitness platform by curefit Healthcare Pvt Ltd and is headquartered in Bangalore, India...



Ah, vacations! Detox, destress, new sights, new people and... Maybe a few pounds. Or not, if you plan things out. On this episode, your host Deepak aka Chuck speaks to (his trainer!) Kunal Rajput aka subtle.strength.

Kunal recently went on a trip to Bali to do the usual water-based activities, but to also work out! Deepak was keen to speak to him about this and what folks can do to make sure a trip doesn't wreck their fitness journey. Kunal has a very practical way of approaching fitness: Not working out for the sake of it, but working out to live life better! And this is reflected on his Instagram where he's equally likely to be pumping mad weights or eating a delicious-looking burger. 

This is a wide-ranging conversation where we speak about the philosophy of fitness, diving stories, eating, alcohol (yes, even that!), and much much more. We hope you enjoy it!

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 2022-06-30  54m