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episode 739: Rhys Millen & Joey Seely + Tour Pikes Peak w/ James Robinson

Part 2 of PPIHC is another double-header! First: Rhys Millen and Joey Seely explain their secrets to being fast, the 1300HP 911 they're campaigning, and a bit of Rhys' history at the mountain. Plus, Rhys' weird tire secret. 

Then, we hop in an MDX with Acura's lead factory driver, James Robinson, who gives us a turn-by-turn tour of the mountain. He points out specific challenges, turns, driving lines, and talks about the event in general, how he started, and his NSX. 

Rhys Millen is one of the best drivers on Earth. He holds trophies from Formula D, and Global Rally Cross. He set his first Pikes Peak record in 1997 in a Toyota Supra. He was King of the Mountain (overall winner) in 2012 and 2015, set the EV record in 2016, and set the SUV record in 2018. He's also won at Baja, knows how to setup a car, and as we find out, has a weird secret with tires. 

Joey Seely was a co-founder of BBI Autosport. 6 years ago he struck out on his own to open Emotion Engineering. Initially, he focused on chassis/suspension setup. He was the lead engineer for Jeff Zwart's PPIHC efforts several times, including with the ultra-rare 935. But as former racing engineer, Joey knew he could go bigger. Over time he's developed his own parts, brake pads, and engine builds, all culminating in this incredible Pikes Peak effort with Rhys Millen. 

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 2022-06-30  1h26m