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Welcome to Unionist Central. This channel is dedicated to exploring the Political, Philosophical, and Economical Sphere by debating and conversing about key concepts that relate to these sectors. The name is an attempt at formatting our own ideology entitled Unionism. The channel is at its core a Left Wing one, but we intend to take an in depth and fair look at each of the topics brought up on the channel. We hope you will join us as we embark upon our adventure into the complex and exiting realm of the modern world. Episodes will be hosted by Andrew Gould and are currently released on an inconsistent schedule. Cheers- The Unionist Team



episode 3: [Episode Three:] Taking The 8Values Test Part One

Episode Three of the Unionist Central Podcast. This three part episode is similar in nature to the trilogy of episodes that were taking the political compass test. However, these episodes are on par in audio quality with the expected content of the channel. In the video, I fill out the 8values Test which is supposed to determine one's political standings on four axes that are comprised of 8 total values. This three part episode will follow my responses to the first 35 questions of 70 total, a further episode will cover the remaining 36 questions (question 35 was reached but not answered). Below are links to the 8Values Test itself, other potential tests, and a video by YouTube Adam Something I mentioned within the episode.

Take The Test Yourself: https://8values.github.io/

Other Tests To Examine: https://politicaltests.github.io/index.html

Adam Something Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6gREHxxVIs


 2022-07-03  18m