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episode 138: Alex’s Big Summer Adventure: Candy Cane Tower & Rainbow Alligators ????

Welcome to Dream Away Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids

As a reminder, Alex met the princess at the royal palace where the princess told Alex that she has a very important dance to attend. For this dance she wanted to wear the necklace with the unicorn diamond… but when she went to check… the unicorn diamond necklace was gone… 
Alex and pizzapizza run out of the royal palace and back onto the big square filled with people. Alex takes a second to think: We need to find the pink castle with a lake of rainbow alligators…

But where would you find a pink castle and what exactly are rainbow alligators? Do you have any idea?

Oh, i know how to spot a pink castle… Alex thinks to himself… and Alex starts asking around: Excuse me, what is the tallest building in the country? Good question the woman says.. im sure it must be candy cane tower….

Candy Cane tower? Where is that? Oh its just outside the city, the lady says… simply grab a bike and bike 30 minute in that direction… it is the tallest building so you will not be able to miss it!

Alex looks around, grabs one of the free dog friendly bikes that happen to have a basket in front so pizzapizza can joina s well and he starts to bike into the direction the lady said…

As Alex bikes he starts to leave the city center, then the surrounding area and about 25 minutes in he is completely out of the city and in the distance he can see a red and green building that is super duper tall… and its shaped as a candy cane…..

Wait a minute… pizzapizza! Can you hear it?.... As Christmas music gets louder and louder…. but its the midst of summer Alex thinks to himself….

And indeed as Alex gets to the candy cane tower he fully understands what its called that… it looks like a candy cane, it sounds like christmas…. now… how to get to the very top?
Alex find the entrance and there are 2 options:

1 He can take the elevator
2 He can walk the stairs…

Dont forget this is the tallest building in the country… so what would you choose… the elevator or the stairs?

Ofcourseeeeee, Alex chooses…… the stairs….. all 999 of them.. just 1 stair short of 1000 stairs…..

Once he finally gets to the top Alex is all sweaty… when at that moment the door of the elevator opens and pizzapizza just walks out… your a dog! Alex thinks to himself.. how do you even know how to use an elevator…..

If you have a dog.. do you think he/she could use the elevator?

For 1 second Alex is confused but then he remember his mission.. he must find the pink castle with the rainbow alligators

Woooaaaah, this is super high…. he can look over the entire country… woooow

Alex looks to the left…. nothing

Alex looks to the right…. nothing…. oh euh, wait a minute… - in the far far distance Alex can see a tiny pink dot…. - thats it… thats the pink castle…

Alex now knows where the pink castle is and so he has to go back down… this time he does take the elevator because going back down 1000 stairs.. its a bit much even for Alex.

So Alex hops back on his bike, pizzapizza up front cycling through the countryside and that pink dot get bigger and bigger and before you know it a real castle appears… that is totally and completely pink….
About 10 minutes go by before Alex gets really close to the pink castle. There seems to be a road that leads directly to it and in the distance he can see a bridge….

Alex decides to turn into the road and just before he gets to the bridge he decides to get off his bike….

You see normally a bridge connects to sides of land and in between is water…. that could be a river, maybe the ocean… and what colour would water have…. BLUE right….

Well, what if i told you that the water surrounding the castle was not blue… but unicorn pink!

Okay.. something is not right here.. Alex thinks to himself.. a Pink castle and a Pink river and where are these suposed rainbow alligators? Alex thinks to himself… because he doenst see anything just pink pink water….

Maybe this rainbow aligator talk isnt real? I mean .. i have never seen any rainbow alligator…. Alex thinks to himself

When Alex gets back on his bike and just as he wants to cross the bridge… it starts to rain, no wait not rain… it starts to hail…. no wait! Thats not hail.. hail is ice… and whats falling from the sky isnt ice…. its… NO WAY!.... its raining skittles!!! Every single color from the…. rainbow….

But its just raining skittle exactly on and over the bridge…. when suddenly… there is movement in the water….. every time a skittle hits the water the water changes the color of that skittle for just a tiny moment…. red, green, blue, green, purple…. the river just turns into a rainbow river… it is truly amazing!!
But wait a minute… is there something swimming in the river? What is that? Could that be an alligator? And… what about over there…. and over there?

Suddenly the river is filled with alligators….

What should Alex do? Stay or leave?

We will find out… in the next episode…

❤️ - Mike

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