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The Arctic and the Antarctic are privileged locations for observers interested in understanding how our world is shaped by the forces of nature and the workings of history. These areas have inspired countless humans to undertake epic expeditions of discovery and have witnessed both great triumphs and miserable defeats. As a planetary litmus paper it is at the poles we can detect the effects of natural oscillations and human activities on the global ecosystems.


157 Meanwhile in Russia and Ukraine

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POLAR NEWSREEL: Sanctions jeopardize the future of Arctic construction projects The sanctions imposed on Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine are impacting several large construction projects in the Arctic. The gravity-based structures (GBS), floating rigs, under assembly at the Novatek’s LNG Construction Center in Belokamenka outside Murmansk are among those hit by the lack of materials. A consequence of this might be a crisis of the real estate market in Murmansk if the foreign portion of the 20,000 workers at the Belokamenka yard need to move away from the region. | War in Ukraine is damaging scientific research in the Arctic The war in Ukraine is having an negative influence on Arctic science by stopping collaborations, data sampling and sharing between scientists from Russia and other nations. A series of ongoing projects have to pause the collection of data which could cause large gaps in the series and jeopardize our understanging of this rapidly changing environment. | Walrus bones found in Kyiv is testimony of viking trade During a dig in Kyiv, Ukraine, archeologists retrieved walrus remains from the twelfth century. These specimen, brought to the area by Norse Vikings, were analyzed for ancient DNA and stable isotopes to determine their origin. The results suggest that there was a high demand for walrus products and a consequent large trading route network that stretched from the remote areas of Greenland all the way through Western Europe and reaching Russia, Byzantium and Asia.

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 2022-07-05  23m