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episode 139: Alex’s Summer Adventure: Spotting The Unicorn Diamond Necklace! ????????

Welcome to Dream Away Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids

It is still raining skittles and with every skittle hitting the water the lake around the pink castle turns another color. Alex can see that out of nowhere one alligator after the next starts swimming towards him……

Every single alligator is a different color.. indeed they are true rainbow alligators… something Alex has never seen before… Do you know what colors alligators usually are? Green right?
Alex isnt sure what to do…. when a purple alligator suddenly starts talking: Yo Alex, how are you?

Alex is confused for a second… Why is this alligator purple and why is this purple alligator speaking to him?
I am great, Alex replies…. My name is Afred the Alligators and these are my brothers… and at least 20 other alligators appears in all sorts of colors.

Nice to meet you Alfred! Alfred, I need your help… I am looking for the princesses cousin. She is to live inside this pink castle as she has taken a very special necklace from the princess that I must return… Do you think the princess’s cousin is at home inside this pink castle?

She is! Alfred the purple alligator replies! You can tell that she is at home as there is pink smoke coming from the chimney and if you take a deep breath you can smell that the pink smoke smells like cherries… 

Alex takes a deep breath and indeed realizes that the air smells like cherries! (super yum)

BUT, Alfred the purple alligator says.. you must know one thing about the princesses cousin…. something very important…. if you wish to speak to her you must know something very very specific …

What is that? Alex replies… the princesses cousin only speaks in Rhyme… and you must talk in Rhyme to her… else it will be impossible to talk to her..

In rhyme? Alex replies.. asin… blue rhymes with moo rhyme with pooo? Alex starts to laugh… im not sure if I can do that….

You will have no choice, Alfred says… now, hop on your bike bike over the bridge and simply knock on that big bright pink door… dont forget to rhyme as else the door wont open!

And so Alex hops on his bike, over the bridge, waves goodbye to Alfred and his brothers and makes his way to the castle

He stands in front of the big bright pink door, knocks…. but nothing happensOk, Alex thinks to himself, lets give this  rhyming thing  a try…

He knocks on the door again and says

Hello Hello,  It is I, Alex a  very friendly fellow….

When the door opens and Alex walks in.. he cannot believe it.. the rhyming actually works

Once inside the castle everything is pink. No, in fact it is pinker than pink it the pinkest thing you have every seen….

When Alex hears someone coming down the stairs

Dear stranger, who might you be

I am not expecting any visitors you see….

And there she is, the princesses cousin, coming down the stairs…. and whats that around her neck? Alex immediately spots the unicorn diamond necklace….

My name is Alex, your cousin send me this way

As a very special necklace has gone astray

But what is that around your neck?

This necklace with the unicorn diamond.. you must give it back…

Alex points towards the unicorn diamond necklace that is around the neck of the princesses cousin… but will she just give it back?

What do you think? Will she just take it off and hand it back just because Alex says so?

I certainly shall not do as you say

But who knows, today could be your lucky day
You see, I have a challenge just for you

Complete it successfully and I will do as you tell me too

Alex is confused for a second… a challenge? What could that be?

I accept your challenge, what ever it may be

But note that if completed successfully, that necklace belongs to me…

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 2022-07-12  7m