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EP 158: Shattering Age Old & Old Age Perceptions. Meet Meri Frischman


In today's episode of Better Than Gossip, Amy and Kristen chat with Meri Frischman, founder of The Pro-Age Woman. Meri is an advocate for positive aging and celebrates women over 50 through connection, conversation, inspiration, fashion and events.

Meri will talk about her journey and how it has been a gift to her.

She will also talk about her recipe for success. 

You will discover the one thing Meri particularly enjoys and how it's been is key to her success.

Kristen will also share how she and Meri met and the incredible work they have done together. 

Join us as Amy, Kristen and Meri have a fascinating conversation about positive aging, authenticity and time management.


Better Than Gossip is a media brand that seeks to offer Ageless Advice for Timeless Women. Whether on our podcast, our streaming media show or our website, you'll find valuable information that caters to women across different generations. You are definitely in the right place! 

What You Will Learn On this Show:

  • Meri's eMagazine, The Pro-Age Woman.
  • Meri's formula for success.
  • Why Meri wanted an intergenerational writer for her magazine. 
  • Meri's advice to her younger self. 
  • And so much more...


"Women are taught to be competitive and to judge each other.  I am really trying to break that because competitive thinking does not benefit any of us." (Meri Frischman)

"One of the things I love about the magazine is that any woman can read it, even if she's the pro-age woman and it's really aimed at women over 50. Any woman can pick up the magazine and enjoy it." (Kristen Coffield)

"Listen to the whispers in your head. Listen to the whispers in your gut." (Meri Frischman)


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 2022-07-14  26m