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Radio War Nerd EP 338 — World of Wars: Ethiopia, Ukraine + Ben Aris on the West's Economic War on Russia

Guest: Ben Aris, editor BNE IntelliNews Recorded: July 13, 2022 First, we update the latest from Ethiopia's insurgencies in Tigray and Oromia...then we discuss some of the latest grim war news out of Ukraine & consider the not-so-deeper meaning of NPR's attempt at historical war analogy + the Kagan Industrial Complex's strange flirtation with truth bombs... At 43:27 - we talk with Ben Aris (ep #320, #316) about the G-7's economic war on Russia, and all the unintended consequences and boomerang effects it's having on the home countries & the world. Check out Ben's media outlet BNE IntelliNews, and follow Ben on Twitter. Total time: 1:39:04 Direct link to this episode's mp3 here 


 2022-07-16  1h38m