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Spreading the Commodore Love from Copenhagen, Denmark since June 2005 this podcast features an eclectic mix of Commodore 64 chiptunes and remixes of tunes from the best-selling home computer of all time. Carefully chosen and presented for your listening pleasure by me, Jan Lund Thomsen.


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Who couldn’t do with a bit of C64 remixes and SID chiptunes to take our minds off these troubled times? I know I could. After a bit of retail therapy, the podcast now has a portable studio setup. To celebrate, here’s a new episode for your listening pleasure. The first one since 2019

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Download this episode: MP3 (49 minutes – 71 Mb)

Music played:

  • Thomas Detert – BMX Kidz (from the album “Remix64: Syntax Era”)
  • Johan Andersson – West Bank
  • Wobbler – Byterapers intro (djupt i hjartat av harddisken)
  • Johan Andersson – Commando vs LN2 Street Loader (blues mashup)
  • JLD – So-Phisticated III (part 1) I Adore My C64 Edit
  • Anthony Walters – Hessian – Title Theme [epic vocal soundtrack]
  • Vincenzo – Ground [Pump Up The Insomnia]
  • Makke – Boulder Dash (Jamrock Dash)
  • Linus – Inspector Ironbeard
  • Eivind Sommersten – Gaplus
  • Oxx – Exos – Acid 2 – (Bring the Beat Back)
  • Tron – Bounces (Glam Rock Hammond Galore Demo Tape)
  • Tron – They’re taking the SID to Isengard

Stuff mentioned:

  • Chuck Peddle: In memoriam
  • The High Voltage SID Collection
  • Matt Gray’s “Refourmation”
  • Matt Gray’s “Reformation 5”
  • 8-Bit Symphony – Second Half
  • Fastloaders “C64 Rocks”

Thank you for listening. May your love of C64 chip tunes and remixes be with you. Always.

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