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episode 12: Shakespeare Unleashed with James Aquilone

In this episode, we hear from writer, editor and serial Kickstarter, James Aquilone

James shares with us the story behind his latest Kickstarter project, Shakespeare Unleashed
We learn how the idea first came to him following his previous successes (Kolchak the Nightstalker Graphic Novel and Classic Monsters Unleashed) and how he started to put it together.
James also gives us a fascinating insight into the process behind creating a Kickstarter and shares the benefit of his experience in the best way to approach such projects. We also learn about his role as an editor, much more than just being a spellchecker.

As always we also look at James' past with geek culture, how he got to the stage of being a successful writer and project creator. From his early days of ignoring writing assignments in school to having writers he admires sending their work to him for final approval. We learn the fascinating journey it took James to get where he is today.

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 2022-07-18  1h3m