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episode 140: Alex’s Big Summer Adventure: A Rocket Ship to Paris ????

Welcome to Dream Away Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids

Alex stands eye to eye with the princesses cousin. Awaiting his challenge and knowing that if he completes it successfully, he will be able to return the unicorn diamond necklace to the princess.

Alex, oh, Alex you should not have come

Soon, oh, soon, will you realize what you have done

The challenge I have  is only for the brave

Are you ready for it? Are you ready to make a big wave?

So listen carefully cause I shall say this only once

Your challenge awaits not here but in France

If you can get yourself on the front page of the Parisian Gazette

Holding not 1 but 2 types of bagette

Then bring this newspaper back to me inside the pink castle

And this unicorn diamond necklace shall be returned to you with no hastle!

Thats a deal, Alex yells… as he storms out of the pink castle, PizzaPizza following him a long ….. when Alex is out of breath and he takes a second:

Ok, so I need to get to Paris in France and somehow get myself on the front page of the newspaper holding 2 french baguette.. (which is a type of bread)

First challenge: How do I get to Paris?
Second challenge: How do I get on the front page of the newspaper?

And so Alex takes a seat alongside the road trying to create a plan and find a way to get himself to paris.

Just so you know the Pink Castle is roughly 500 Miles away from Paris and so walking isnt an option, biking seems a bit far…. Alex is  in need of something a bit faster but he is to young to drive …

When suddenly there is a noise…. and a dot appears on the sky….. its looking like something is coming closer and closer to earth…. is it? Could it be?

When a real life rocketship coming down from space to earth… woooow

The rocketship lands safely on the ground. The door opens and a real life astronaut comes walking out: She introduces herself as Astronaut Sally and says to Alex and pizzapizza: I hear someone needs to get to Paris?

Yes we do! - Alex says

Well I am on my way to Paris in this amazingn Rocketship and I happen to have a few extra seats…would you wanna join?

That would be amazing! Alex says… then welcome onboard.. as Astronaut Sally leads the way as Alex and Pizzapizza get onboard of the rocketship.

Wow, Alex says, this is amazing. There must be 1 million different buttons and screens …. it al looks very very complicated… 

Please take a seat and put on yourseat belt. The flying time to Paris will be approximately 12 minutes… 12 minutes? Alex says… well this is a rocketship and we can go super super fast…

Alex makes sure that pizzapizza is fully strapped in. Luckily they have dog seats belts onboard the rocket ship and then he makes sure that he himself is fully strapped in…

Alex takes a deep breath because he has never been on a rocketship before….

Ok, are you ready? Astronaut Sally says…. then press this big red button and we will take of…..

3 2 1 … Alex presses the big red button and we have lift off… woooooow the rocketship is going up up and up and then up a bit more and the world below gets smaller and smaller..it is truly amazing
Hold oooon - Astronaut Sally says as the rocketship turns left and makes its way to Paris….

And just 10 minutes later the rocketship gets ready for landing and they safely make it to the ground!

Wow this was amazing! Alex says… Welcome to Paris in France….. good luck in your challenge.. getting on the front paper of the biggest newspaper is going to be very hard. You are going to have to be super creative! But I think you can do it! Astronaut Sally says,,

I think so too, Alex says… I just have to find a reporter…. buy 2 french bagguete breads and find a way to get on the front page of the newspaper…

easy right?

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