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Sermons, meditations, and conversations from Foothills Unitarian Church. Featuring Rev. Gretchen Haley, Rev. Sean Neil-Barron, Rev. Elaine Aron-Tenbrink, and special guests!


episode 412: Losing (and Finding) Your Religion

For a lot of people these days, the idea of being "religious" feels off-putting. It brings up images of a shaming or judgmental old-fashioned community. More and more people are identifying as spiritual but not religious and will talk about finding God in nature or journeying on their own spiritual path. It's just that sometimes, those same people find themselves loving being at church - for example, the Foothills Unitarian Church. This can cause a little bit of an identity, am I a person who is religious? Is this a religion? will I tell my friends?  This July and August as we get at some of these foundational questions and help name and articulate a different way of being religious that is grounded in liberation and hope for our world today.  Kick off this exploration with a story from Cheryl Hazlitt, a long-time Foothills Unitarian member, about her family's history with religion and what it means to her to be religious. (4:38) Then, we'll dive into Rev. Gretchen's sermon Losing (and Finding) Your Religion. (14:05)


 2022-07-19  39m