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A Week of Bad Takes! ft. Emanuele Andrizzi

[@ 4 min] This week… We go ‘Inside the Huddle’ with Opera Festival of Chicago’s Emanuele Andrizzi, to talk about a work that has paid a steep price for having been written just before Verdi’s more famous operas, despite having some of the best music he ever wrote… [@ 27 min] Plus, in the ‘Two Minute Drill’… Angel Blue has withdrawn from her debut at Arena di Verona. We suspect that if she were still a young artist, she might also have been called “more narcissistic and entitled than ever” by THE PEOPLE WE ARE PAYING TO LEAD US… operaboxscore.com facebook.com/obschi1 @operaboxscore IG operaboxscore


 2022-07-21  53m