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Radio War Nerd EP 339 — Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, Part 2: Independence (1960 - 1973)

Recorded: July 21, 2022 "If two fish are fighting in the water, an Englishman was there" In part 2 of our series on Turkey's 1974 invasion of Cyprus (part 1: EP #337), we start with the sham independence constitution forced on Cyprus by the departing Brits  ensuring sectarian strife and British bases in perpetuity...and we end on the eve of Turkey's 1974 invasion, with Kissinger nearly blowing up the planet, and the CIA convinced that Britain's new prime minister is a Kremlin-controlled asset. Listen to Part 1 in our Turkish Invasion of Cyprus series (EP #337) Check out the Radio War Nerd Merch store here! Total time: 1:57:08 Direct link to this episode's mp3 here   


 2022-07-24  1h56m