The Scathing Atheist

A weekly look at religion and the stupidity that breeds it. Hosts Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Eli Bosnick delve into theistic attempts to intrude on the secular world in an unflinching expose on just how juvenile the whole god thing is.


episode 493: Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing Edition

In this week’s episode, Democrats defend marriage from the Defense of Marriage Act, Marjorie Taylor Greene threatens to tell dad if people don't stop taking her stickers, and Marsh will be here to fill in for Eli. But he won’t do the voice. Trust me. I asked. Hard. --- To make a per episode donation at, click here: To buy our book, click there: To check out our sister show, The Skepticrat, click here: To check out our sister show’s hot friend, God Awful Movies, click here: To check out our half-sister show, Citation Needed, click here: To check out our sister show’s sister show, D and D minus, click here: To hear more from our intrepid audio engineer Morgan Clarke, click here: --- Headlines: Schools prepare for post-Bremerton school year (as discussed in the diatribe) Christian Right meltdown after 47 Republicans back same-sex marriage bill: UK under international pressure over deletion of abortion commitments:  NY Preacher robbed of $1 million+ in jewelry during live streamed sermon: Marjorie Taylor Greene rages that she's the victim of a "hate crime": How Science Stopped Backing Atheists and Started Pointing Back to God | Opinion:  Creationist and Christian Nationalist Michael Peroutka wins Maryland AG primary: --- This Week in Misogyny: KY judge blocks abortion ban for being “theocratic”: Pro-LGBTQ views censored in book about female pastors: Gen Z poll: Godless women are outnumbering the men:


 2022-07-28  1h0m