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Don't Say the G-Word! ft. Matthew Aucoin

[@ 3 min] It’s a 2-point conversion when the OBS scores an interview with MacArthur “Don’t-say-the-G-word” Fellow Matthew Aucoin. The composer, conductor, and author goes ‘Inside the Huddle’ with Oliver to talk about his breakthrough opera “Eurydice”, and to come to the defense of that dreadful ballet sequence in “La Traviata”... [@ 39 min] And then… Should all seats be created equal in the opera house? An article in ‘The New Yorker’ argues about the inequality of how we watch live performances… [@ 46 min] Plus, in the ‘Two Minute Drill’… Opera America apologizes for its first apology, and a certain Sondra is back on the market… operaboxscore.com facebook.com/obschi1 @operaboxscore IG operaboxscore


 2022-07-28  1h3m