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Radio War Nerd EP 340 — The US Civil War, Part 10: Culture Wars (Live in Brooklyn)

Guest: William Hogeland, historian & author Recorded: June 30, 2022 at the Littlefield in Brooklyn Part 10 in the War Nerd's US Civil War series, filmed at our live show, looks at the songs and literature during the war...and the bubble gum trading cards during the war's centennial celebration, when we're joined by friend of the show William Hogeland.  Big shout-out to Eric Snow for filming the show & animating the intro...and to Katherine for making it happen. *SONG LIST:-"BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC"-"JOHNNY WE HARDLY KNEW YE"-"WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME"-"GOOBER PEAS"-"MARCHING THROUGH GEORGIA"-"WEARING OF THE GRAY"  * Previous RWN US Civil War episodes: *EP #295: The US Civil War, Part 1: Count Adam Gurowski*EP #297: The US Civil War, Part 2: Bleeding Kansas*EP #300: The US Civil War, Part 3: First Battle of Bull Run*EP #303: The US Civil War, Part 4: McClellan, Treason & The Battle of Antietam*EP #307: The US Civil War, Part 5: Vicksburg*EP #311: The US Civil War, Part 6: Buchanan's Treason & The Mormon War*EP #315: The US Civil War, Part 7: German '48ers, with Matt Christman*EP #323: The US Civil War, Part 8: Thomas, Hood & Southern Honor*EP #327: The US Civil War, Part 9: War on the Water  Previous RWN episodes with William Hogeland:-EP #91: Recovered history of July 4, 1776-EP #85 America's First Forgotten War/Creation of US Army-EP #63: The Whiskey Rebellion    Total time: 1:46:05 Direct link to this episode's mp3 here 


 2022-07-30  1h45m