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The Truth In This Art is a podcast featuring authentic, intellectually curious conversations with contemporary artists, cultural works and small business owners — about their process, ideas that go into their work, and everything in between. The Truth In this Art is a podcast for artists, creative entrepreneurs and curious listeners. Hosted by Rob Lee.


episode 98: Interview with artist Samantha Iaconi

Brief summary of episode:

Samantha Iaconi is an artist and curator born in Baltimore. She received her BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017. Her studio work is influenced by surrealism and American class culture.  She utilizes traditional mediums to create surreal narratives of everyday life. She researches iconic American imagery to explore the connection between past and present American culture. Her work has been exhibited at Hamilton Art Gallery, Baltimore Sound Stage, Studio 87, Maryland Art Place, and more.

The Truth In This Art

The Truth In This Art is a podcast interview series supporting vibrancy and development of Baltimore & beyond's arts and culture.


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Samantha Iaconi


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 2022-07-31  35m