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Welcome to the sports abyss.Hosted by law school buddies Francisco, Andrew & Charles, the Goofs riff on sports when they're not going on tangents about food, video games, & entertainment.We got it all including NHL hockey, NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball & NCAA college sports.Every week we try to learn about a forgotten player, a hall of famer, a woman in sports, a minor league team, & an international team.Plus we commend some folks in sports by dubbing them the Real MVPs & scorn others who are just Goons.We end every show with wrestling talk on WWE, AEW, New Japan, etc. Support this podcast: bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information. Support this podcast:


SG 2022 NBA Draft Torture Stream | SPORTS GOOFS ???? | ????????⚾️????????

On this NFL Draft 2022 edition of SPORTS GOOFS presented by Mr. Tortilla:

  1. Francisco tries to survive for 3 hours
  2. Francisco actually analyzes basketball!
  3. Francisco talks about baseball
  4. Francisco plays Fall Guys
  • Try the Famous 1-Carb Tortilla in Multigrain or Pico de Gallo!

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 2022-06-24  3h6m