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Most Highly Favored Lady! ft. Lila Palmer & Chloe Treat

[@ 4 min] Librettist Lila Palmer and stage director Chloe Treat go ‘Inside the Huddle to talk about the world premiere of a secular opera (with music by Damian Geter) about a biblical event: the Annunciation. The show just opened at the Glimmerglass Festival and couldn’t have come at a better time, because, you know, it’s about a woman consenting to give birth... [@ 41 min] Plus, in the ‘Two Minute Drill’… Angela Gheorghiu warns, if  you didn't study in Romania, be careful... operaboxscore.com facebook.com/obschi1 @operaboxscore IG operaboxscore


 2022-08-03  1h0m