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episode 6: The Impact Of Kubernetes On DevOps Teams

Kubernetes is hard. Regardless of what tech marketing says, DevOps teams are still trying to implement and figure out this whole Kubernetes thing. With multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-prem Kubernetes implementations, what can teams do to truly understand the impact of Kubernetes and how to start their journey?
In this episode, Michael Levan catches up with Jeff Smith, Directeor of Ops at Basis Technologies and author, to talk about his journey into Kubernetes for his team and what other teams should think about when implementing Kubernetes.
Show Links:
Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions – Book
@DarkAndNerdy – Jeff Smith on Twitter
Jeff Smith on Medium
Your Host:
Michael Levan brings his background in system administration, software development, and DevOps to this podcast. He has Kubernetes experience as both a developer and infrastructure engineer. He’s also a consultant and Pluralsight author. You can also see his free instructional videos on YouTube.


 2022-08-04  39m