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Every week we cover the latest spaceflight news, discuss past, current and future exploration efforts, and take a look at upcoming events. Tune in to hear about how humans get to space, how they stay in space and how unmanned craft reach farther and farther into the universe around us.


Episode 371: NIMBY

Spaceflight News

— Rocket 3 is dead, long live Rocket 4 ( ( (

Short & Sweet

— Russian Satellite might be Snooping In Orbit (

— Russia remains on Station (

— Possible Secret Chinese spaceplane (

Questions, Comments, Corrections

— From the intro: Real Engineering visited Spin Launch (HT Espen:

This Week in Spaceflight History

— Aug 14, 1959. Explorer 6 takes first image from Earth orbit ( ( (

— Next week (8/16 - 8/22) in 1993: Missing top


 2022-08-10  41m