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Good Thing Only Americans Were Exposed to Burn Pits, Right

DadChat ends at 10:45!

Nate and Francis discuss the PACT act and the burn pit registry, while trying to pay attention to the fact that the only people eligible for compensation are the people part of the group that did the burning (American military people), whereas everyone from third-country contractors to the civilian populations of the various countries occupied get nothing. We also talk about a story that might serve as an example of how to not steal from the Army.

For this week’s bonus, Nate is joined in studio by writer and journalist Jasper Lo of the New Yorker. Before you wonder how we managed to get a real journalist on here: it's because Nate and Jasper were in the same unit together a long time ago. They discuss the subtle art of fact-checking, the difficulty of combating disinformation, and whether or not Glenn Kessler carries a katana. Get it on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/counterblaste-to-70248526

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 2022-08-11  55m