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episode 96: Fungipedia: Mushroom Stories from Lawrence Millman [transcript]

If you aren't convinced that fungi are omnipresent, bizarre, and mighty, you haven't read Fungipedia. Today we are featuring some of our favorite segments from this book and are joined by the author himself, Lawrence Millman. Lawrence has traveled far and wide on quests for information on the fungal kingdom. Sit back and enjoy some wow factor fun facts on fungi. 

Topics Covered:

  • Keratinophilic fungi - where they live and how they affect you
  • The Hair Ice Phenomenon from the fungus Exidiopsis effusa
  • Naturally occurring anti-freeze in various states of fungi
  • The mushroom culture in Greenland and other Arctic & Antarctic areas
  • Culturing mycelia from mummies
  • The Pharaoh's Curse - was it really fungi?
  • Finding the rare polypore Echinodontium ballouii, previously thought to be extinct
  • How a fungus helped the defeat of the South in the Civil War
  • The ban of Shiitake mushroom imports
  • Field mycology as a dwindling practice

Show Notes:

  • Buy Fungipedia:
  • Lawrence Millman's Website:
  • Pyrithione Zinc soap for acne:
  • Pyrithione Zinc soap for dandruff:
  • Horn Stalkball Photography:
  • Science of Hair Ice:
  • Aspergillus & the Link the curse:
  • Echinodontium ballouii:


 2021-04-28  20m