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episode 122: Encore: SPoOkY mUsHroOms


Encore episode! In honor of spooky season, we bring you a compilation of freaky fungus facts. We talk fungal decay, fungal poisons, fungi that never seem to die, bizarre biochemistry, how fungi are taking over the world, and more. Tune in, shroom in, and get into the spirit of Halloween with our special edition SPoOkY mUsHroOms episode!

Show Notes:

Death Cap: Amanita phalloides:

Corpse Finder Mushroom Hebeloma vinosophyllum:

Agaricus bisporus vaccine production:

Dead Man’s Fingers:

Bleeding Fungus:

Bleeding Octopus Stinkhorn:

Chytrid parasite on tardigrades:

Massospora “Flying Salt Shakers of Death”:

Fungal parasites on nematodes:

Serpula lacrymans:

Lascaux Cave Fungus:

Rose Growers Disease:

Trichophyton infectious fungi:

Poison Coral Fungus:

Mushrooms fruiting in lungs:

Antifungal Resistance Candida:

Mushroom Death Suit:

Blood Spore:


 2021-10-26  1h39m