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episode 7: Kubernetes From Beginner To Advanced

Learning Kubernetes isn’t easy. In fact, there are so many places to start that people literally don’t know where to begin. Do they learn Kubernetes security? Networking? Infrastructure? Development?
With so many options comes a ton of confusion. In this episode, Michael Levan catches up with Kevin Evans and Robin Smorenburg to talk about their journeys into Kubernetes, how each of them started, their learning resources, and where they’re at now.
Show Links:
A Practical Guide to Kubernetes – Educative
Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on Tutorial – KodeKloud
Kubernetes: Up and Running – O’Reilly
CNCF Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate Study Course – FreeCodeCamp
The Kubernetes Book – Nigel Poulton
Production Kubernetes – O’Reilly
Streaming Clouds – YouTube
Deploying a Kubernetes home lab with Michael Levan – Streaming Clouds – YouTube
@TheKevinEvans – Kevin Evans on Twitter
@robinsmorenburg – Robin Smorenburg on Twitter
Your Host:
Michael Levan brings his background in system administration, software development, and DevOps to this podcast. He has Kubernetes experience as both a developer and infrastructure engineer. He’s also a consultant and Pluralsight author. You can also see his free instructional videos on YouTube.


 2022-08-18  34m