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For over a decade, The Retroist Podcast has taken a nostalgic look back at the last 40+ years of retro themed pop culture. The show attempts to connect or reconnect you to things from your past through storytelling and discussion of compelling milestones and forgotten tidbits of pop culture.


episode 280: Retroist Podcast Episode 280 (The Six Million Dollar Man Toys)

Welcome to the 7th episode of the 15th season of the Retroist Podcast. Today’s episode is all about the toys from the seventies sci-fi classic, The Six Million Dollar Man.

This episode was a surprise to me. I had recorded a section about toys during my Six Million Dollar Man podcast. When I listened back to it, I had two problems.

  1. The segment was too long to be a part of a podcast.
  2. I didn’t like the flow. It was missing something.

So when I released the episode, I removed most of the discussion of toys outside my initial story and thought I would try to rerecord. This episode is the result of my efforts.

It is slightly different from my standard podcast in that I mostly discuss the toys. So a little but more opinion and a lot more retro audio. I hoped you find it as fun to listening to it as I did putting it together.

The show starts with a little discussion about something I content with as a collector, “what do we hold onto?” Then I move into the toys!


 2022-08-19  23m