The Age Old Question: A Podcast for Music Fans

The Age Old Question is an insightful and hilarious podcast for the music fan who has ever debated music's unanswerables. Each episode tackles another debate in music fandom ("Is D Minor the saddest of all keys?" "Why do people hate the Eagles?"...). Rich Price and Clint Bierman host and call on friends and experts to help settle them once and for all. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.


episode 47: What Is The Greatest Song That Doesn't Rhyme?

• Intro - songs almost always rhyme...when they don't, it requires a certain kind of genius to do it in a way that you may have never noticed.


• Alanis Morrisette


• The Drifters

• Elton John

• Willie Nelson

• Joni Mitchell

• Crosby, Stills & Nash

• Ron Sexsmith

• Sheryl Crow

• And more...


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 August 1, 2022  1h1m