The Punk Tree

Mike, Jesse and Aaron discuss the history or some of their favorite music. They follow the branches of punk rock from hardcore to emo and screamo to indie rock.


episode 5: The Floridian Noxious Weed (or Neo-Conservatism)

Arborist John Paynter shares knowledge of punk trees, 80's synth & Polish punk.Emery-Good Man
Jon Foreman-The Cure For The Pain
Pennywise-Date With Destiny
Norah Jones-What Am I To You
The Aura and Ovation-Grey Town 
Flo Rida-Wild Ones
New Found Glory-Vicious Love
TimeCop1983-On The Run
Too Bad Eugene-We Rock
Dezerter-Szara Rzeczywistosc

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 June 3, 2020  31m