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Episode 500: Caitlin Dickerson

Caitlin Dickerson is a staff writer for The Atlantic covering immigration. Her latest article, on the secret history of U.S. government’s family-separation policy, is ”An American Catastrophe.”

“Interviewing separated families, I’ve found, is just on a whole other scale of pain and trauma. I’ve watched people have really intense PTSD flashbacks in front of me. I never wanted to risk asking a family to open up in that way if I didn’t know that I’d be able to use that material. The worst thing you can do is waste someone’s time in a way that causes them pain.”

Show notes:

  • @itscaitlinhd
  • Dickerson on Longform
  • Dickerson’s Atlantic archive
  • 09:00 Dickerson’s New York Times archive
  • 09:00 Dickerson’s NPR archive
  • 15:00 The Fifth Risk (Michael Lewis • W.W. Norton • 2019)

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 2022-08-24  56m