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episode 753: Sonic TALK 725 - Price Hikes, Janet Jackson HD Crash, Viewer Questions


  • Matt Hodson (MATTHS) artist, performer, educator
  • Paulee Bow - producer, musician

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 00:00:14 SHOW START 00:08:04 GeoSynths EMOM Blackpool 00:15:17 AD: iZotope Music Producers Club 00:17:10 Some Moogs Up by 40%+ 00:29:13 AD: Baby Audio Save 15% ST15 00:31:17 Janet Jackson Broke My Computer 00:38:57 ADeevision asks via - [twitter] - Qq why are most groove boxes drum machine only have four bars? 00:44:31 Wagoo asks via - [irc] - From Nick Howes: QQ Any thoughts on Akai's MPC Key 61 having SO many bugs and CPU issues? 00:48:33 ambient lfo asks via - [twitter] - QQ 'is there still a place for mid 90s to early 2000's VA synths in the studio today?' 00:53:27 SoundToys VST3 Support Now In Beta

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 2022-08-25  1h5m