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episode 173: Target Training For Dogs: How, Why, And When To Fade Targets #173

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We use targets in our dog training, which has prompted popular questions on the best way to fade a target and when to start fading. So that’s the topic of this episode, along with what targets are and why they work so well. Before you attempt to remove a target, there are three questions to ask and a clear process for fading so that your dog has a strong finished behavior.


In the episode you'll hear:


• The difference between a food lure and a target.
• Why targets work so well and how it starts with what your dog loves.
• Why your dog's experience will influence when you can fade a target.
• That the way you use a target will impact the fading of that target.
• Why you want your dog to have DASH (Desire, Accuracy, Speed Habitat).
• The reason to know what will replace the target, including verbal cues.
• About having clarity for what you want your dog to do for the finished behavior.
• Tips for when to add a cue if you are using a target.
• All the steps to fading various targets, including changing the size and color.
• Mistakes to avoid when you are removing a target.
• Why to always believe your dog when you are training anything.




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 2022-08-26  20m