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episode 399: TVD 399 - Strange Relatives

This week, we're talking about black sheep relatives! There are the usual cast of bad family from Westeros in House of the Dragon on HBO Max. There are the sisters involved in a murder conspiracy in Bad Sisters on Apple+. And there's Chris Estrada's new show, based on his life and his family, in This Fool on Hulu. Plus we've got triple dessert in the form of a bonus episode of The Sandman and a new episode of What We Do In The Shadows and an episode of Harley Quinn we haven't talked about yet!

2:35-28:35 TV Diary
29:30-39:02 House of the Dragon (HBO Max)
39:15-44:18 Bad Sisters (Apple+)
44:18-49:35 This Fool (Hulu)
49:35-57:50 The Sandman (Netflix)
57:50-1:04:27 What We Do In The Shadows (Hulu)
1:04:27- Harley Quinn (HBO Max)


 2022-08-26  1h10m