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episode 15: Cowboy Coder Shares His Code Rage

In this episode, we hear from Cowboy Coder about his upcoming album; Code Rage.

We find out more about where the idea for the album first came from and the personal experiences that have inspired some of the songs.
Cowboy Coder shares the journey he took with the album, from the first conversations with MC Lars, to travelling to New York to record the songs in a professional studio.

We of course also take a look at his history, how he got to where he is today and what the future may look like for Cowboy Coder.

You can find Cowboy Coder on social media:

The video for Code Rage is available on his Youtube Channel:

The album 'Code Rage' releases October 14th on all streaming services. Links will be available on release from
with the following tracks:
1. Cryptos Go Pop
2. A Boy and His Medal
3. The Rona Blues
4. Llano Estacado
5. Null Pointer Exception
6. Code Rage
7. Linux Administrator
8. Cowboy Coding
9. B01
10. Infinite Time
11. 3rd Generation
12 Dreamscapes
13. Cowboy Coding (C++ Remix)

Big thanks to MC Lars for connecting us

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 2022-08-29  26m