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episode 141: Alex goes swimming in Lake Chocolate Milk ???? ????

Welcome to Dream Away Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids

Do you hear that?

Lets listen again, do you hear that?

What is this? Is this the sound of what animal?

A cow? Nooooooo

A Fish… Noooooo

These are birds of course! Chirping early early morning.

Alex is still asleep and his best friend, his dog, pizzapizza is right beside him on the bedroom floor.

Slowly Alex wakes up as the sound of the birds and the bright early morning sunshine are enough to tell his body that it's time to get out of bed and get ready for the day!

Alex gets dressed, he can't decide between his favorite roblox shirt and his favorite minecraft t shirt..

Actually, forget it, Alex grabs his favorite Disney shirt that is bright red and walks downstairs where mom and dad are just having breakfast.

The choice for breakfast today is:

Apple, Strawberry and gravy juice with broccoli pancakes
Bacon and chocolate sauce eggs with a banana and salad milkshake…

Euuuwwwww, noooo thats not breakfast, Alex thinks to himself and he walks into the kitchen and grabs his favorite cereal and looks at the newspaper that is lying on the kitchen table.

Alex looks at it again and he notices that on the front page of the newspaper there is a big big headline that reads: The Chocolate Milk Lake…

Chocolate Milk lake? What is that? Alex thinks to himself as he grabs the paper and starts reading…

The reporter writes that the huge lake close to Alex’s house has turned from a regular lake with regular water.. into a lake filled with chocolate milk…. it is a biig big mistery that the policy is unable to solve….where did the water go? who has soo much chocolate milk to fill an entire lake?

And so Alex finishes his breakfast and he decides to make his way to the lake.

Luckily it is only around an 11 minute bike ride

As he gets closer to the lake Alex notices that the air starts to change…. 

If you could guess, what would the air smell like as he gets closer to chocolate milk lake?

It smells like chocolate milk ofcourse….

Alex turns the corner, parks his bike and and walks through a small pathway that leads to the lake.

between the trees he can already see part of the lake…. 

Wow, Alex think to himself as he stands right in front of the lake
In front of him is what look slike an ocean of chocolate milk

it is like someone went to every grocery store in the country, bought as much chocolate milk as they could and just started to fill up the lake…

It is incredible… and it smells sooo goood.. yummyyy!!

Alex decides to walk closer to the lake, but wait a minute… no waaay! This wasn't in the newspaper! - Alex says to himself!

You see the beach part of the lake… is no longer sand but the sand has been replaced by chocolate sprinklessssss

Yummyyyyyy Alex yells…. - he scoops up a few of the sprinkles, tastes them and goes: Woah, they are real! … A chocolate sprinkles beach and a lake filled with chocolate Milk.. this is amazinggggggg
He looks around and noticed there is nobody there….. should I? Alex thinks to himself… 

Should I take a dip in the chocolate milk lake?

What do you think… should Alex just go for it and take a dip?


Alex was smart enough to wear his bathing suit and so Alex takes a few steps back…. there is no way back now.. he thinks to himself… 

He starts running over the chocolate sprinkled beach and dives straight into the lake…..

he is covered head to toe in chocolate milk….. Whoohooooo he yells… this is the best lake everrrrr, i wish every lake was like this…..

And so he swimms around, totally covered and surrounded by chocolate milk…. amazing amazing he says to himself!

Alex is having an incredible time swimming in the lake when he notices that the bright blue skies and the summery sun is changing for dark clouds…

Oh, its gonna rain!

Alex quickly get out of the lake, dries up and hops back on his bike….

I have to be quick now… as slowly the first drops of rain start falling down…

Noooo dont rain now, ill be home in 3 minutes… and one drop falls and another drop and another….. and soon enough it starts pooring down but wait a minute….. this isnt ordinary rain - alex thinks to himself….. its raining chocolate milk - whoohoooooooo

Alex cant believe what is happening…. chocolate sprinkle beach, chocolate milk lake and now chocolate milk rain….. as he stares at chocolate mountain in the far far distance

I am truly truly living in one of the most magical places in the world and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else but here!


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